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Buying Guide

Analog Photography: The Beginner’s Guide to Film Cameras

Which film camera should you get? Which films are the best? We demystify the world of analog photography to help you get started.

Our Favorite Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Clothing Brands

These fashion brands are here to help you break free from the gender binary.

HiGround's Base 65 Keyboard Is More Hype Than Substance

HiGround’s entry-level keyboard costs more and delivers less than most mid-tier mechanical keyboards.

The Barnes and Noble Nook 9-Inch Lenovo Tablet Is Startlingly Affordable

Barnes and Noble’s cheap new e-reader can also work as a basic, bare-bones tablet.

We Drove China’s Latest Tesla Model Y Rival

The G6 is a Tesla competitor that’s keenly priced and has loads of tech—so why did it leave us cold?

The Fitbit Ace LTE Solves a Real Problem for Busy Parents

Fitbit’s kids’ smartwatch is a location tracker as well as a gaming and communication device. It should keep my kids off phones for another few years.

How to Shop Like a Pro During Amazon Prime Day

We’ve got tips to help you cut through the clutter to find real Amazon Prime Day deals.

Our Favorite Cameras, Lenses, and Photo Accessories Are on Sale Now at Moment

Moment’s Warehouse Sale has deals on Wandrd camera bags, mobile lenses, and Instax cameras.

Time Out! The Apple Watch Series 9 and Google Pixel Watch 2 Are on Sale

In the market for a smartwatch? Maybe you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift—now’s an excellent time to save on our favorites.

9 Great Deals on Our Favorite Grovemade Desk Accessories

Grovemade’s anniversary sale offers a rare discount on American-made laptop stands, desk mats, and other WFH accessories.

Reduce AI Hallucinations With This Neat Software Trick

A buzzy process called retrieval augmented generation, or RAG, is taking hold in Silicon Valley and improving the outputs from large language models. How does it work?

How to Use Your Smartphone to Counteract Vision Loss

From Magnifier to Lookout, you can benefit from features on Android and Apple devices.

What Lumens, Lux, and Other Lighting Gear Terms Mean

Shopping for a video or photo light? Confused by all the jargon? Let’s simplify things a bit.

How to Use Your Smartphone to Cope With Hearing Loss

From live transcriptions to sound filtering, here’s how you can benefit from features on Android and Apple devices.

Apple Intelligence Won’t Work on Hundreds of Millions of iPhones—but Maybe It Could

Older iPhones might well be able to cope with Apple’s AI, so why won’t your $900 year-old model run it? Here’s why.

Artifact’s DNA Lives on in Yahoo’s Revamped AI-Powered News App

Artifact, the news app startup from Instagram’s cofounders, was purchased by Yahoo earlier this year. The web giant then used some of Artifact’s AI smarts to supercharge its own mobile news app.

Alpine’s Hot Hatch EV Has a Built-In, Gran Turismo–Style Driving Instructor

The French brand’s first new car in seven years combines F1-inspired tech and skill challenges to turn the car into a game controller.

Swatch Drops 3 New Earth-Based MoonSwatches (We Want 2 of Them)

Seemingly in response to last month’s TAG Heuer-Kith mashup, Swatch looks closer to home for its next space-based Omega collaboration.

Thinking Different About Apple AI

This week, we discuss how Apple’s approach to artificial intelligence differs from those of its rivals. Hint: It goes deeper than Genmoji.

Learning to Live With Google’s AI Overviews

This week, we discuss the bumpy first few weeks of Google’s AI-powered summaries, and why the new feature is making us sweat.

Everyone's Pumped About Heat Pumps

This week on Gadget Lab, we talk about the surging popularity of heat pumps, the ultra-energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances we’ve called “climate superheroes.”

Google Search Is Growing Up

This week, we unpack all the news from Google I/O, where we got a glimpse of how the world’s dominant search engine will evolve in the AI era.