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Amazon Will Brick Its $2,350 Astro Robots Just 10 Months After Release

Business customers will get a refund, and the home version still exists. But … still.

Which Motorola Phone Should You Buy?

Motorola phones may seem old-school, but their simple Android interface, good battery life, extra storage, and tendency for steep discounts make them solid Android phones. Plus, the Razr is back.

These Are Our Favorite Sheets to Catch Some Z's 

Which material should you buy? Percale or linen? We tested dozens of sheets to find our favorites and break it all down.

It’s Hard Not to Like Motorola’s Flip-Folding Razr+

Motorola’s fun, folding flip smartphones get some much-needed upgrades—just wait for a sale.

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N Is a Beautiful Beast With a Sonic Boon

This outstanding family EV on steroids is about as much fun as you could wish for on a track—and it’ll do just fine on the road too, as long as you prefer a ride that isn’t, shall we say, subtle.

The DJI Mic 2 Might Finally Replace My Lav Mic

Convenient magnetic attachments, solid noise cancellation, and 32-bit float recording all add up to the perfect mic for location shoots.

MSI’s QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Brings a Whole New Level of Immersion

This ultrawide QD-OLED gaming monitor has all the perks you could ask for, and still somehow costs less than $1,000.

The 17 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals

Prime Day falls on July 16 and 17, but we’ve handpicked deals on WIRED-tested products—from tech to blenders to hair straighteners—sitting at some of their lowest prices ever.

Why the Run-Up to Prime Day is the Worst Time To Shop on Amazon

Retailers have historically jacked up prices right before big sales. Amazon is no different.

30 Fireworks-Worthy Fourth of July Deals on WIRED-Tested Gear

Ahead of July 4th celebrations, these Independence Day sales can help you save on firepits, ebikes, tech, and mattresses.

The Best Fourth of July Mattress Deals

Mattress sales aren't just a President's Day or Memorial Day thing anymore. You can score a WIRED-tested mattress at a great price right now.

7 Lesser-Known Google Maps Features

Even if you use Google Maps every day on your phone or on your computer, you might not know about these hidden tricks.

How to Take a Long, Scrolling Screenshot on Android, iOS, and Desktop

Get the whole picture on any device.

How to Clean Your Keyboard

With the right supplies and our trusty tips, your keypad will look good as new in no time.

Google’s Repair Policy Is Broken

You have options for repairing Pixel phones and tablets, but fixing any of Google’s other hardware is almost futile. It’s time Google offered proper repair options for its growing lineup of gadgets.

Everything Samsung Announced at Galaxy Unpacked in Paris

The long-awaited Galaxy Ring arrives alongside new folding smartphones, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and a premium wearable that looks a lot like the Apple Watch Ultra.

Nike Is Killing the App for Its $350 Self-Tying Sneakers

After August 6, you won’t be able to download the app that controls the Adapt BB, and it won’t be getting any more updates.

Nothing’s CMF Devices Prove Yet Again Cheap Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

Nothing's sub-brand is bringing its first phone to the US—the $199 CMF Phone 1—along with the Watch Pro 2 and Buds Pro 2.

Google Search Ranks AI Spam Above Original Reporting in News Results

Google adjusted its policies to target AI spam earlier this year, but plagiarizing content still comes up higher in search results months later—and SEO experts aren’t sure why.

Semaglutide for the People

This week, we learn how easy it is to buy cloned Ozempic on the internet, and we explore what the latest research is revealing about how GLP-1 drugs affect our bodies.

The Future of Vaping After the Fall of Juul

This week, we talk to the hosts of the new podcast Backfired about how the e-cigarette industry got to where it is today and where it can go from here.

Good Search Borrows, Great Search … Steals?

This week on Gadget Lab, we talk about how content on the open web is being used to train AI-powered search tools, and how content publishers are fighting to reverse this trend.

Thinking Different About Apple AI

This week, we discuss how Apple’s approach to artificial intelligence differs from those of its rivals. Hint: It goes deeper than Genmoji.
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